Tuesday, November 24, 2009

spring 2010 books!

Here's what i have for sale:
SOC 208- Mariiages and Families Lammanna the current edition
ANTH 102- Books specific to P. Morenon's class, current editions
SOC 208- Books specific to P.K. Saucier, theres 8 of them!
ENG 161- Books specific to C. Campana- Antigone, The book of Job, The metemorphasis, etc, ask me if you need english books

Here's what i have for loan:
many anthropology books. ask me!

Here's what i need for Spring:
CEP 315- current edition
HIST 349- P. Mendy
ANTH 104- specific to G. Gomez
ANTH 306- specific to M. Baker